Nearby Services

Here is a list of nearby services to help you find whatever you may need in the area surrounding Belley Campground & Beach.


  • 6 km: Alimentation St-Henri (SAQ (alcohol), Canada Post, DVD rentals), Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, 418-347-2190
  • 9 km: Épicerie Marché Mistook (groceries, prepared food), Alma, 418-347-3194
  • 10 km: Comptoir Charcuterie La Boustifaille (deli products), Alma, 418-347-3767
  • 17 km: Marché Métro Dubé Delisle (groceries), Alma, 418-662-9230

Gas and Propane


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RV Sales and Repair

General Mechanic

  • 10 km: Garage Gaudreault, Alma, 418-347-3186