The following rules and regulations are intended to ensure the peace and well-being of our seasonal campers, travelers as well as guests. This way all guests can enjoy their stay at Belley Campground & Beach in a relaxing and respectful atmosphere. A person who does not comply with these rules and regulations may face eviction.


  • Animals are strictly forbidden in all areas of the beach, 24 hours a day, from April to October.
  • Animals are also forbidden in those section of the campgroud ( A,C,P ) refer to map.
  • Dogs must remain on a leash at all times while on the campground.
  • Dog owners must pick up after their dog and discard it in their own garbage.
  • If an animal is disruptive to other guests, the owner will be asked to leave the campground.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave your animals unattended in trailers as well as in vehicles.


  • It is forbidden to hammer nails into trees or to damage them in any way.
  • Management retains the right and is responsible for any maintenance involving trees and branches that could be dangerous near roads and/or other locations. Campers are responsible for helping management do their work by clearing away anything that could hinder their safety. (trailers, tents, sheds, etc.)
  • It is forbidden to cut and collect wood or branches for the purpose of burning them.


  • Unnecessary use of a vehicles will be monitored and controlled.
  • Only Golf Kart and Bicycle will be allowed
  • Maximum speed is 8 km/h.
  • Vehicles should be operated only when needed. 
  • One-ways and all other rules of the road must be respected.
  • Drinking and driving is prohibited. The police will be called if a driver is seen under the influence.
  • Parents are responsible for the safety of their children. Please review road safety rules with children.
  • Riding a bicycle is prohibited after 8:30 pm.
  • Right of way is given to children, pedestrians and bicycles.
  • It is forbidden to honk your horn unnecessarily on the campground.
  • It is forbidden to park on the streets or in vacant lots.
  • The use of quads/ATVs is forbidden.
  • Motorcycle use is prohibited after 8:00 pm.
  • Only the use of electric golf carts is permitted. (see annexe A)
  • Visitors of the beach are allowed to park in the reserved beach parking area from 9 am to 5 pm. Seasonal campers and guests are not allowed to drive on the beach.

Business transactions

  • Only financial transactions approved by management are permitted on the campground. 


  • Failure to comply with the campground rules may result in eviction.
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times.
  • Parents must teach their children what to do in the event that they separated or if they cannot find their parents.
  • Any indecent behaviour or use of offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • Drug use is prohibited and results in immediate eviction.
  • War games such as Paint-ball or Airsoft guns are forbidden on the campsite.
  • Fighting is forbidden and will result in immediate eviction of all parties involved.

Building et renovations

  • Tenants must respect the physical boundaries of their campsite and not trespass on neighbouring land.
  • Construction of kitchenettes, extensions, and chalets are prohibited. Wooden structures must not have a roof. The equipment must remain mobile. Gazebo installations with hard roofing must first be authorized by management.
  • It is permitted to personalize your land by using shrubs, patios, partitions, or flowers, until June 15th. The cost incurred is the sole responsibility of the tenant. Trees and shrubs planted by the tenant will remain in place if they do not renew their contract.
  • Tenants who do not renew their rental contract will not be able to claim monetary compensation from the next tenant nor from Belley Campground & Beach for the changes and improvements made.
  • All and any changes must first be approved by management.


  • Glass bottles (beer, spirits, etc.) and all other glass containers (wine glasses, glasses, etc.) are strictly prohibited on the beach, on the campground roads and in the marquee tent. They are, however, accepted on your campsite.
  • Only cans are allowed on the beach and campground roads.
  • The purpose of this rule is to minimize possible foot injuries caused by broken glass.


  • Curfew is from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. No exceptions.
  • During the day, noise should not disrupt neighbours.
  • Vehicles should not be driven on the campground during curfew hours (except in case of emergencies)

Waste & Recycling

  • Waste and recycling must be disposed of in the appropriate containers provided.
  • Tenants are responsible for household trash and garbage, as well as old BBQs, refrigerators, plastic tables, steel fireplaces, etc. You must dispose of them at your municipality's waste sorting and recovery center. In the case of non-compliance to these rules, monetary charges will be incurred

Potable water

  • All campsites have potable water.
  • Water use must be reasonable (washing cars, watering lawns and camping equipment are seen as excessive)
  • Sustainable development is important to Belley Campground & Beach, so please be conscious of your water use. You must regulate the amount that you use.


  • You must ensure that your connection to the sewer system is clean and tightly connected. You must use a 3” or 4” rigid hose made of ABS or PVC.
  • Flexible hoses, flexible bends, or duct tape are not allowed
  • If management determines that a system malfunction is due to a tenant’s neglect, repairs will be done at the expense of the person responsible.
  • An adaptor is mandatory.


  • Any modifications made to the electrical connection panel will result in immediate eviction.
  • Electrical pole access must remain clear at all times.

Fires and fire pits

  • There is a designated spot for fires on each lot. It is forbidden to have campfires outside of this designated spot.
  • Fire pits shall not be moved.
  • The burning of household garbage or trash is forbidden.
  • Fireworks are forbidden


  • All campers must have their stickers and labels visible at all times on their vehicle.
  • Campers must not lend or give their passes to another person. If caught, the pass will be automatically seized and the camper will be evicted and asked to leave their campsite.


  • Each camper is responsible for their equipment, terrain and actions.
  • All campers must have insurance covering them in case of fire, theft, and vandalism, and also have liability insurance.
  • Belley Campground & Beach is not responsible for anything broken, is stolen, vandalized or damaged by fire.

Picnic tables

  • Picnic tables are provided by the campground.
  • Additional picnic tables can be rented for $5 a day.

Sale of equipment

  • It is forbidden to display camping equipment for sale on the campground.
  • A bulletin board is available outside of reception if you wish to post details of a camper trailer for sale.
  • The sale of equipment on the campground is strictly prohibited.


  • It is forbidden to set up more than one tent per campsite. Seasonal visitors must rent their own separate campsite.
  • Guests must pay the access fee to the campground.
  • Guests must leave the campground by curfew.
  • Guests who wish to spend the night must pay a visitor fee per night. ($10 extra)

Note : Rules and regulations are subject to change at any time.

Annexe A

Golf Cart Regulations:

  • Driver must hold a valid Class 5 driver's license.
  • The cart may have a maximum of 2 adults in front and 1 child.
  • A rear seat is mandatory for passengers.
  • Children are not allowed to drive and must be seated in the back.
  • The speed limit allowed is 8 km/h, and you must remain on campground roads.
  • Golf carts must be electric and have a white headlight in the front and red reflectors at the rear.
  • Only electric carts are permitted on the campsite.
  • Any person who owns a golf cart must pay an annual administration fee.
  • Under no circumstances can drivers consume alcohol.
  • After three (3) written warnings, the driver will be banned from driving on the campground with their golf cart.
  • This pass is valid for the 2021 season only.