The Story

On Saturday morning, August 7th, 1954, while on a freshwater salmon fishing trip on the Lac-Saint-Jean, Mr. Fernand Belley waited patiently for the coveted freshwater salmon to bite his line. Navigating in his rowboat in the area of ​​Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, he anchored near a small island. He was taken aback by the beauty: the pristine land, the beautiful beach and the magnificent lake. A few days later, he purchased this piece of paradise and, with the help of his sons, began to realize his dream: to create a family meeting place where his children could do all kinds of activities along the edge of the lake.

In July 2016, the Belley family passed the torch onto two local entrepreneurs to ensure that his dream would carry on and that people would still get the chance to enjoy this campground. A campground which is now comprised of 360 campsites (with/or without amenities), 15 Glamping sites and a sandy beach of nearly 3 km.

We, the Saguenay, are proud to have been able to offer people such great moments on this extraordinary campground for so many years and many more to come.